Following are links to our member organizations and friends...


Member Associations:


Beachwood Canyon Neighborhood Assn.


Bel-Air Association


Bel Air Hills Association


Benedict Canyon Association


Brentwood Hills Homeowners Assn.


Brentwood Residents Coalition


Canyon Back Alliance




Franklin Hills Residents Association


Hollywood Dell Civic Association


Hollywood Heights Association


Hollywoodland Homeowners



Holmby Hills Homeowners



Laurel Canyon Association


Los Feliz Improvement Association


N.Beverly-Franklin Cnyn Homeowners Assn.


Nichols Canyon Neighborhood Assn.


Oaks Homeowners Assn.


Save Coldwater Canyon


Save Sunset Blvd.


Sherman Oaks Homeowners Assn.


Studio City Residents Association


The Residents of Beverly Glen


Upper Mandeville Canyon



Whitley Heights Civic Assn.


Neighborhood Councils:


Bel Air / Beverly Crest

Neighborhood Council


Los Feliz Neighborhood Council


Hollywood Hills West

Neighborhood Council


Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council


Studio City Neighborhood Council



Other related links:


State Sen. Kevin de León’s Message

Sen. De León’s Message 2015


Los Angeles Dept. of City Planning

Planning 101


Building & Safety Haul Routes


Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife



Coalition to Ban Billboard Blight


Friends of Griffith Park


LA Area Helicopter Noise Coalition


Helicopter Noise Relief Update

Heli Noise Update, Oct. 2014


Mountain Recreation & Conservation Authority


Santa Monica Mountains



Santa Monica Mountains National

Recreation Area


Silverstein's Remarks at

Hillside Federation Party


Single Family Residential Zones

July 21, 2015 Presentation